About Flower Crown

Welcome to Flowercrown.com.au, the home of unique flower crowns and floral accessories.

All of our flower crown bands are individually hand-woven from natural material using Bangalow palm infloresence and hand-stripped sheath fibre, and we are proud to be the only flower crowns in the universe using these natural materials (as far as we know!).

High quality faux flowers, including silk and ?real touch? flowers adorn our unique hand-made flower crowns and floral accessories.  Each piece is uniquely designed and no two pieces are exactly the same. Even if the same flowers are used, the natural band ensures that the placement of flowers will always vary and being made by hand  there is always slight variances.

Our flower crowns are designed to fit any head (with the exception of our on-the-side wreath style crowns), and can be worn around the head as a head wreath, over the head as a headband, used in place of a fascinator for the races, or popped around a hat to pretty it up.

When you wear these gorgeous flower crowns you will feel like a beautiful goddess. Our flower crowns and floral accessories are perfect for bridal parties, festivals, medieval events, the races, or any occasion where you want to feel extra special!