Product, Sizing & Care

The flower crowns you see on this website are all made from artificial ?Real Touch?, velvet, silk, and synthetic flowers. The higher-end crowns are designed with the higher quality flowers. 

All crown bases (bands) are individually hand-woven using raw palm inflorescence and palm sheath fibre, giving them an authentic and organic feel. Some crowns also include various vines, such as native passionflower and loofah vine. Due to the raw and organic materials used, these crowns are only available in Australia, so if you are planning on wearing them outside of Australia, please ensure you check with customs prior to leaving Australia, or contact us and we can make any available crown using alternative bases made from non-organic materials.

We do our best to test our products and use the best quality flowers, however, there may be instances where flower heads come off the stem. In this case, they can usually be popped back onto the stem that they have come off. This is less likely to happen with the higher-end crowns. As we have worked with the flowers, we have eliminated those that seem to be problematic to ensure this issue is minimized.

Sizing Guide

You will notice that the band length and ribbon length is mentioned in the product information for each crown in our shop. Here is a guide to help you interpret our sizing.

Band Length: Refers to the woven base of the crown that the flowers are attached to.

Ribbon Length: Refers to one length of the two lengths of ribbon.

Petite: This classification is given to any crown with a band length under 40cm. This size is suitable for younger/smaller girls, however due to the long ribbon length these crowns will fit most sized heads. On a larger head, they will sit more like a headband.

Standard: A crown band length of between 40cm-50cm is classified as standard size, and will fit most head sizes.

Generous: The generous crowns are those with a band length of over 50cm.  They are more suited to an adult sized head.

The measurements allow for you to compare the length of the band and ribbon with head circumference, so you will be able to calculate whether the crown will fit your head. 

Caring for your Flower Crown

Each crown is hand-made with love, and while they are secured and sturdy, please remember that they are also quite delicate and need to be treated carefully.

    • Hold crowns by the band, rather than by the flowers.
    • Do not wet flower crowns. They may be able to endure a light sun-shower, but it is not recommended to wet them as the flowers and ribbon may become moldy if left moistened.
    • When not in use, hang on a hook on the wall, or on a doorknob, or store in a box with protection from moisture.

If you have any further questions about the product, please contact us.